Raised in South Africa, I initially worked in advertising before founding and managing an event management company with prestigious blue-chip clients. Following the sale of the company, I directed my focus to further studies, and established my private professional coaching practice in 2016.

Now calling the beautiful Newcastle, NSW home with my husband and three furry kids, I provide online coaching services to teenagers and adults in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, and Hunter Region. Additionally, I extend my services nationwide and internationally, connecting with clients in Australia, South Africa, Europe, and USA through platforms like Zoom and WhatsApp Video.

Professional counselling Newcastle Central Coast

Welcome to my coaching space, where I embrace a holistic approach aligning the mind, heart, and body. My coaching style is tailored to your needs, and is characterised by intuition, warmth, and compassion. This enables me to connect with people of all ages, while ensuring that my clients feel safe and supported during our sessions.

Collaboration in the coach-client relationship is central to my philosophy. It creates a dynamic partnership, and ensures a tailored coaching experience that actively involves the client with setting goals, overcoming challenges, and being accountable during their personal growth journey.

I have experience guiding individuals facing challenges such as stress, anxiety, procrastination and low self-confidence. I’ve helped people experiencing significant life transitions like loss, retrenchment, or retirement. And I’ve supported those facing a mid-life crisis, experiencing burnout, feeling “stuck” or looking for direction in life.

If you are coping with grief or bereavement, I will walk beside you, offering support as you accept your loss, understand your emotions, work through guilt, manage daily life, and begin your healing journey.

To stay ahead in my field, I actively engage in professional workshops, staying informed about the latest developments in counselling, life coaching, mindset coaching and grief therapy.

As an accredited member of the International Association of Coaches, Therapists, and Mentors (IACTM) and the Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network (TCTN), I bring a commitment to excellence and professionalism in every aspect of my coaching practice.

Professional counselling Newcastle Central Coast

Let's Begin Your Journey

Your journey to transformation begins here. Let’s work together to uncover your potential, break through barriers, and create a life that aligns with your deepest aspirations. Take your first step towards possibility, self-discovery, lasting change and a more fulfilling life.

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I’ll answer your questions, and we can discuss whether I can assist you on your healing journey.


I have been in professional practice since 2016, and am a certified:

  • Internationally Certified Results Coach
  • Grief & Bereavement Therapist
  • Transpersonal Coach

Mandy's Thoughts

“My clients are the heroes of their own journeys. Witnessing their incredible capacity for healing and transformation fills me with gratitude. Being a part of their journey is a privilege beyond measure.”

~ Mandy Beart, Life Coach & Grief Therapist

Coaching only works when there is total commitment, combined with mutual trust and rapport from both sides. 

I don’t take any credit for my clients’ breakthroughs – they do the work and they achieve their results.  I trust my intuition unquestionably and am grateful for its guidance to a better understanding of my clients’ challenges. 

I am also grateful to my clients and for all the ways in which they continue to delight, excite, inspire and amaze me.

~ Mandy Beart : Life Coach & Grief Therapist

Professional counselling Newcastle Central Coast

Accredited Member of:


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