Finding Purpose and Healing Through Coaching

Finding Purpose and Healing Through Coaching
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Mandy Beart

A Personal Journey

For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by the motivations behind human behaviour.  My life took an unexpected turn when, at the age of 23, I lost my mother to cancer.  This profound loss became a defining moment that led me to realise the value of every life experience and the importance of living with purpose and self-empowerment.  Inspired by my own journey, I embarked on a path to help others lead meaningful lives.  This is the story of my personal transformation and how coaching became my calling.

Navigating Grief and Loss

After numerous unsuccessful attempts at invitro fertilisation in my mid-twenties, I faced the heart-breaking realisation that I would not be able to have children of my own.  The absence of grief counselling in those days added to the weight of my sorrow.  It felt as though death and grief were enigmatic forces, and I longed for understanding.  Coping with these losses became an ongoing challenge, and I couldn’t help but wonder how things might have been different with the guidance of a grief therapist or life coach near me.

Discovering Healing Through Life Coaching

To cope with my grief, I immersed myself in my career, establishing an event company that served as my substitute child for 13 years, bringing me success and fulfilment.  However, a yearning to deepen my understanding of healing from grief persisted within me.  The introduction to life coaching marked a turning point and, recognising its potential, I sold my event company and embarked on a journey to become a transpersonal life coach, complemented by grief counselling studies.  In 2016, I established my coaching practice and began working with clients, sharing in their losses and celebrating their successes.

The Power of Coaching

As a transpersonal life coach, I firmly believe that every individual holds the answers within themselves, even if they seem hidden.  A coach’s role is to ask the right questions, employ effective tools and techniques, and empower clients to discover their own solutions.  I adopt a holistic approach, addressing the entirety of the individual rather than focusing solely on their pain.

Effective Coaching for Transformation

My coaching approach centres on dynamic and powerful processes tailored to address specific issues.  Together with my clients, we identify and transform unhelpful behaviours and self-limiting beliefs that hinder progress.  The goal is to break free from feeling “stuck” and create a pathway towards a fulfilling life. 

I am passionate about helping my clients to cultivate vitality, focus, purpose, self-motivation, and overall life enhancement.  The key lies in recognising that any problem is only a problem based on our perception, and changing our thinking is within our reach.

So that is how, through personal experiences of loss and transformation, I discovered the profound impact life coaching and grief therapy can have on one’s life.  My journey led me to establish a life coaching practice where I guide clients on their own paths to healing, growth, and self-empowerment.  Together, we work towards unlocking their full potential, leading lives filled with purpose, vitality, and joy.  Remember, changing your thinking is easier than you think, and I would be honoured to support you on your journey of transformation.

I offer professional life coaching and grief counselling services in Newcastle and Central Coast. Call +61 434 511 381

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