We possess the ability to create the lives that we desire.

Create The Lives That We Desire
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Mandy Beart

Sometimes, we need some help in the form of a facilitator or coach to guide us and provide clarity on our journey towards enhancing our potential and achieving integration and wholeness.  I use a variety of gentle yet powerful methodologies and techniques to deal with a vast range of life’s challenges, creating specific sessions and programmes that are best suited to each individual journey. 

Using Authentic Self Empowerment processes together with the modalities of Open Awareness, NLP Coaching, Transpersonal Coaching, Wellness Coaching and Hypnotherapy, I am able to help my clients discover their true value and lead a purposeful life.  I provide a highly effective environment for personal and professional growth that will heal your past, empower you in the present and enable you to co-create a compelling future. 

My coaching facilitates a context for personal growth through empowering you to be in control in stressful situations by providing you with a variety of responses, rather than just being in ‘knee jerk reaction’ mode.  You are able to decide your own outcome in any situation, instead of being controlled by external influences

This approach is useful when helping you to deal with so many of life’s challenges because it is applied at the very core of the presenting issue and can assist you to overcome perceived obstacles, limiting beliefs and unwanted negative emotions.  You can become more self-aware and experience greater levels of joy, resourcefulness and productivity in your personal and professional life.

Expanding our concept of self and opening our mode of perception can be generative and transformative.  Through self-empowerment and self-development, we become Authentically Self Empowered!

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